Tuition Reset: Why We're Doing This

Tuition Reset: Why We're Doing This

We are resetting our tuition price to under $20,000. Why?

Because we should.

Colleges and universities across America are dealing with affordability issues. Even though colleges like Utica provide high quality and great results to make the investment worth it, the pricing models used by most private colleges can result in published prices that give students and their families “sticker shock.”
The fact is, America’s colleges and universities are reaching a point where they can no longer keep raising their already high tuition amount year after year. Soon that price will cross a threshold in families’ minds and seem impossibly high.
Plus, not every family knows that the published price will most likely be discounted for them with scholarships, grants, and other financial aid. So the overall result is that too many students and families are not even considering a private college as a realistic possibility.
So Utica College is doing this because American higher education needs it to be done.






And because we can.

Utica College is the right college to do this. Many private institutions are in the same position as Utica, with the ability to reset their tuition to a better price. But Utica is one of the few colleges in the nation —and the first among those we compete with for students — that has been bold enough to make a move.
There’s a reason UC’s brand signature is “Never stand still.” It captures the entire forward-moving spirit of Utica College. Ever since our post-WWII founding to serve returning veterans on through to our early adoption of online learning and our development of cutting-edge programs like economic crime and cybersecurity, UC has remained flexible and innovative, growing and thriving specifically because we are always committed to meeting marketplace needs.
And we do this from a position of institutional strength, since we provide a high-quality education that is in high demand. (In fact, the largest number of students ever chose Utica in 2015-16, as our incoming class grew by 38 percent.) Because of prudent planning and sound fiscal management, nothing about the UC educational experience will need to change in order to make our tuition reset feasible. The quality of a UC education will remain just as high, even as we offer a better price for it.


"We expect UC to continue to grow and thrive when we remove the barrier of a high sticker price, which is simply the right thing to do."

President Casamento

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