The Reviews are In

The Reviews are In

Utica College is Leading Boldly

Last year, Utica College seized the initiative among America’s colleges and universities in addressing affordability. Amid continuous tuition increases nationwide at both private and public institutions, Utica College took a step backward with regard to tuition, reducing its published price by 42 percent. 
The bold move has been cheered by the White House and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and in national media such as the Washington Post, FOX News, Forbes, CNN, ABC News, and Huffington Post, to name only a few.
The loudest cheers, however, have come from inside the homes of the families Utica College has, for 70 years, striven to serve.
“By removing the barrier of price that prevented many excellent students from considering UC and concealed the value of a UC education, Utica College is becoming a college of choice as well as one of enormous opportunity for the families we serve,” says UC President Laura Casamento. “In turn, the value of Utica College degree is growing stronger.”
A year later, the returns demonstrate the College made the right move at the right time.

“I wanted to have the full college experience, and I knew I could get that at Utica College. The tuition reset solidified my decision. When I heard, I was totally set on Utica.”


- Kassidy Krenzer ’20
Psychology-Child Life

By The Numbers:

Average Price
Percentage of Tuition Covered by State and Federal Aid
Percentage of incoming students in top ten

 “My older siblings and I are the first in our family to go college, so tuition has always been on our minds. I first visited UC with my brother, and I loved it. I could definitely see myself there. The overall vibe was great. Currents students spoke so highly of the school, and they seemed genuinely happy and comfortable on campus. UC became my first choice, even though I was concerned about the price.
When I found out about the tuition reset, Utica blew all my other choices out of the water. I was astonished. I had never heard of a school dropping its price like that. For me, it was a sign that UC was where I should end up. It made the decision an easy one. “

Kashawn Stroman ’20
Health Studies
Binghamton, NY
Kashaw Stroman '20

“I discovered UC at a college fair, and I learned about the Psychology-Child Life major. No other school in New York had that type of program. After that, I kept my options open but my mind kept going back to Utica.

When I visited campus, it just felt like home. I got a feeling that I didn’t get at other schools. I had my heart set on Utica, but I tried to convince myself to look elsewhere to save money. I didn’t want to put the financial pressure on my family. I visited another school, where students talked about choosing to go there to save money. I didn’t want to pick a school just to save money. I wanted to feel good about what I was studying, the atmosphere, and the people. I wanted to have the full college experience, and I knew I could get that at Utica College.
The tuition reset solidified my decision. When I heard, I was totally set on Utica.”

Kassidy Krenzer ’20
Psychology-Child Life
Renssalear, NY
Kassidy Krenzer '20

“From the moment I visited Utica College, I loved it. I felt comfortable. I told my parents that UC was where I wanted to go, but they were worried about the tuition. They said, ‘You have to think about money.’ They wanted me to go here, too, but they knew it would be difficult to afford.
My dad heard about the tuition reset before I did. He told me and my mom, and we were super happy. After that, I was so ready, and my parents were more comfortable with my decision to apply. When I got my acceptance letter, I cried. I was so happy.”

Fiona Shea ’20
Therapeutic Recreation
East Greenbush, NY
Fiona Shea '20

“Nursing had always interested me. My mom is an RN, so I’ve always wanted to go into the science or medical field. Utica has a great nursing program, but I had to consider the cost. I have two younger brothers, and I didn’t want to choose a school that would put too big of a burden on my parents.
I looked at other private schools, but they were either too big or too expensive. Academics were important to my parents and me, so I was looking for a school that put academics first, but would also be a good value. At some other schools, the class sizes were really big. I come from a small school, and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed. Utica just made the most sense, but I was stressed about the unknown because I didn’t know how much it would cost.
My mom first told me about the tuition reset, and then we learned more about it on Facebook. I thought, ‘Well, that’s good timing!’ I had pictured myself going to UC for a long time, and even though I looked at other schools, I always circled back to Utica. It was the best decision for me.”
Morgan Gerber ’20
Camden, NY
Morgan Gerber '20


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