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Parking and Vehicle Registration

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There are several parking spaces for visitors on the Utica College campus. Cars driven by students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety. Registration and parking decals are free. Decals should be placed in plain view on the rear driver side window.

Parking Rules and Regulations 

  • Except for cars owned by visitors, all vehicles must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety. If you change vehicles you need to register the new vehicle and receive a new decal.
  • The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. Multiple violations will result in the revoking of driving privileges.
  • There is no passing on campus roads.
  • Cars parked in fire lanes (designated by sign and color) will be ticketed. Students, faculty, and staff who need to unload for an event may contact the Office of Campus Safety in advance, and will be allowed to park in a fire lane for up to 10 minutes.
  • Only vehicles with handicapped access plates or identification will be allowed to park in handicapped spaces.
  • Please do not park:

    • On the grass or along the roadway
    • In the entrance drives to parking lots
    • In designated parking spaces

Please note that cars parked illegally will be ticketed by safety officers. Vehicles with New York State license plates that are missing their Department of Motor Vehicles registration decals will also be ticketed.

Register your vehicle

To register for a vehicle parking permit, please use our online form.

More Information

For details about parking and operating motor vehicles on the Utica College campus, visit the Parking Rules and Information page. You can also consult the Student Handbook online or request a print copy from the Office of Student Affairs at (315) 792-3100.



Wayne Sullivan
Director of Campus Safety
Strebel Student Center

(315) 792-3201
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502